• Bar&Co
  • 18. – 29. April 2023
    Di-Sa um 20 Uhr

Of all our senses, the visual stimulates the most immediate response. Reacting to touch, smell, taste and sound often takes seconds, but a picture makes itself felt in less than a tenth of that time. We learn throughout life to weigh, consider and second-guess those first impressions, but this spring, the English Lovers will lift the veil of civilised pondering and act on and react to the immediate primal reactions generated by photographs. You, our beloved audience, will see the images at the moment we do, and our theatrical telescope will enhance, reflect and filter your personal response. Live, in the moment, in the blink of an eye! We’ll see you there ...

May contain: Anne Weiner, Bronwynn Mertz-Penzinger, Dennis Kozeluh, Jacob Banigan, Jim Libby, Kathy Tanner, Michael Smulik, Sophie Kozeluh
Improvised Music: Klaus Erharter, Belush Korenyi
Improvised Lighting: Michaela Pink, Matthias Vanura


Spielplan Januar 2022