• English Lovers

A Symphony for Vienna

  • Bar&Co
  • 12. – 23. März 2024, Di-Sa um 20 Uhr

The English Lovers, expats (nearly) all, choose a musical form, the classical symphony, to inspire their improvised ode to this great city, their chosen home for a quarter century.
Night for night they’ll create urban images, stories and songs, from the bustle of Allegro through the pulsing, relentless inexorability of Largo and the sprightly playful Scherzo to the victorious Finale Rondo.
Seen through their eyes, the city of your experiences will seem both more familiar and more alien; Vienna as it is, was, and never will be.

May contain: Anne Weiner, Bronwynn Mertz-Penzinger, Dennis Kozeluh, Jacob Banigan, Jim Libby, Kathy Tanner, Michael Smulik, Sophie Kozeluh
Improvised Music: Belush Korenyi and guests
Improvised Lighting: Matthias Vanura, Michaela Pink


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