Since it was founded by Emmy Werner in 1981 the Theater Drachengasse has been through many changes, evolving from a "Space for Women’s Cultural Activities" to a professional stage with close ties to the independent theatre scene, always remaining true to its founder’s aim: to promote women working in theatre, without excluding men.

When Emmy Werner was appointed artistic director of Vienna’s Volkstheater in 1988 a team of three, Johanna Franz, Verena Kanaan and Eva Langheiter, took over the Theater Drachengasse. Then, after Verena Kanaan left to focus on literature, Eva Langheiter and Johanna Franz ran the theatre. In October 2014 Eva Langheiter handed over her duties to Katrin Schurich and since July 2016 Beate Platzgummer and Katrin Schurich have run the theatre together. This means that since it’s foundation the theatre has been led by an uninterrupted succession of women.

The Theater Drachengasse is a space where taking risks is a pleasure, a space where making emancipated, women’s theatre is a given, a place of opportunity for young theatre-makers and a place that is passionately contemporary. 

The Drachengasse 2 Theater Ges.m.b.H. has two playing spaces: the THEATER DRACHENGASSE (66-83 seats) and the BAR&CO (50 seats).

With our in-house productions we have successfully maintained a contemporary stance for many years: new playwrights, play development, debuts and world premieres, with controversial content and challenging forms.   

Bar&Co provides a space for guest and co-productions – particularly with young theatre makers – adding to the repertoire a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary programme of theatre, music, literature, performance and impro.

One essential focus of our work is to help young people get their own theatre productions on stage. Apart from an annual youth competition, we also provide young independent groups with basic financing and offer them the continuity of an established theatre – with the goal of creating long-term working relationships.

We also look to the young generation when tapping into new audience segments. By offering a range of special activities for schools under the title THEATER & SCHULE and collaborating with schools and educational and cultural institutions like the OeAD and the KUS, we attract young audiences to the theatre. 

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