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Musikschiene: Vian Oussi

10. Mai 2020 um 20 Uhr
Es gelten die Konzertpreise: € 15 und ermäßigt € 9,50


Foto: Christopher Kropat

Foto: Christopher Kropat  

My name is Vian Oussi, I was born in a city called Aleppo in Syria into a Kurdish family. Since i was a young child, my father used to play the tanbura every night before i went to sleep which sparkeled my deep love and understanding for music. My parents were always supportive about my dreams of becoming a musician, and when i was 7 years old they took me to a best music school where i became an student. At that time my mother wanted me to play violin, my father wanted me to become a pianist, but deep down inside my heart i knew there was only one instrument i wanted to master to express my soul ...

Vian Oussi takes us for a journey through his life, using improvisational spiritual music along the lines of Estas Tonne. Join in!

Vian Oussi: Guitar

Special Guests
Alexia Chrisomalli: Vocals
Leyla: Whirling, Sufi Dance



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