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Lennie Johnson singt ohne Bikini
Am 19.03.2017 18:00:32 schrieb Fabian
Eine wunderbare Darstellerin in einer grandiosen und unterhaltsamen Show. Einmalig!

Auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert!

Danke für den besonderen Abend!
The Who & The What
Am 21.02.2017 11:07:35 schrieb Dagmar L. H. via facebook
Außergewöhnlich!!! Gut!!! 
The Who & The What
Am 21.02.2017 11:06:40 schrieb Faris Endris R. via facebook
The Who & The What
Am 20.02.2017 09:20:22 schrieb Michael Roberts
It was a clever play, beautifully crafted and sensitively acted. At a time when the hard line Conservatives and hard line Liberals are calling each other names with their fingers in their ears, I loved this play. It showed how hard some people can work to listen to others who are shouting. Of course the father and daughter relationship is stronger, but it was a play for our times. I was confused by audience reaction sometimes and this has made me question my understanding, but after reflecting, I am back to where I was. The skill of the author is genuine and the actors played their parts with empathy. Afzal, supported his daughters through school and college and university as a single parent. He supported his favourite daughter in a writing career without even seeing any output for three years. Zarina is self absorbed and she breaks her father’s heart, she breaks her sister’s confidence and she breaks her husband’s career and his congregation. The premise that if we don’t know something cannot provide license to speculate further without facts, especially when there is sensitivity and faith. Yet the father keeps trying to understand and guide his daughter. How far should he go?

The Muslim element of reprisal in blasphemy makes the stakes higher, but I did not think this was play about religion, it was a study of father and daughter in the style of King Lear but with more effort from the father. She wanted to write that story, he wanted her to write another story. They had both invested behind a story. He tried hard to understand and she shouted her explanation for him to try. There is a temptation to ridicule belief but belief is not easy, loving thy neighbour is as difficult a concept now as it was 2000 years ago. At the end of the day the effort was too much and the father gave up, this made it a tragedy.

I would love to think that like a solution can be found, that the father would find the heart to continue listening and that the daughter might be able to recognise her responsibility to support and love the people who have supported and loved her this far. In my mind, this happens in part two..

So, thank you for putting on the play and for asking what we think, I hope the above helps you. The theatre is a rare chance where people get the chance to sit and put themselves in a situation without having to actually go through the real life experience. It is the chance to say, how would I behave in that situation? Aldous Huxley wrote; ‘propoganda is the art of making one set of people think another set of people are not people.’ In dangerous times when two opposing minorities are screaming over the majority without listening. The propaganda machines on both sides are working harder than I have ever seen in my 50 years. I hope you find more plays that make us think about the kindness and love of people and parents. Make us think about the effort required to listen to each other understand without making assumptions. We can do it, humans have the capacity to listen to each other, work together to find real solutions that work for the majority. I look to the Arts to help us and in this case, you did it..

Best wishes,

Michael Roberts 
The Who & The What
Am 16.02.2017 11:51:05 schrieb Maria Harmer
Der abend war sensationell!!

Tolles stück!

Tolle regie!

Super schauspieler!! 
The Who & The What
Am 16.02.2017 11:31:24 schrieb Thomas S. via facebook
Laughs, irritation, sympathy and lots of thoughts. That is what you will get from this well directed play. Don't miss it! On till February 25. 
The Who & The What
Am 16.02.2017 11:29:56 schrieb Ine G. via facebook
GREAT job! Wonderful show - had me laughing heartily - and crying - and thinking... 
The Who & The What
Am 16.02.2017 11:28:46 schrieb Doris G. via facebook
What an outstanding play! Teachers, you gotta go!! 
The Who & The What
Am 16.02.2017 11:27:26 schrieb Ludovico L.P.
Am 10.02.2017 10:19:45 schrieb Doina via facebook
Undbedingt anschauen! ist unglaublich, was die beiden da treiben, eine wunderbare Produktion, meisterlich gespielt, mutig, abgründig traurig u komisch- und nur noch bis Samstag zu sehen!  
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